Lesbians of Undeniable Drive

Lesbian and Gay community centers are located in most large European, American and Australian cities. These centers attempt to meet the needs of the Gay and Lesbian community by offering such services as telephone counseling, medical clinics, and day care services for the elderly as well as shelters for young people. They are also often used as a venue for lectures and meetings. In most cases these overseas centers started from humble beginnings and grew to become the organizations that we know today. Currently there are no such large community centers operating in Japan, however smaller centers have been operating for some time. Here at LOUD we provide a community space for Lesbian and Bi-sexual women. We are hoping to expand our existing role and would welcome any suggestions as to how we can best meet the needs of women in the Lesbian and Bisexual community.


LOUD was established in Nakano, Tokyo in June 1995 as a community space for Lesbian and Bisexual women. However its premises are not only restricted to the Lesbian and Bisexual community, but are available for use by other groups who are sensitive to and endorse the basic philosophy of our organization. contact:loud@space-loud.org


LOUD was initially started by three lesbian women in June 1995. Currently LOUD is run by a team of women. Because we are a volunteer organization we rely solely on memberユs fees, donations, and the profit from Open Day to fund our continuing activities. Another source of revenue for LOUD is the rent we receive from renting our premises to various groups for meetings, workshops and seminars.


Open Day is held regularly at our center in Nakano.

LOUD Open Day is held on the 2nd Sunday of each month – 2pm-5pm.
Cost : 700 yen (includes some refreshments) *500 yen for supporting members

This event gives people the opportunity to meet new friends in a more relaxing environment than in 2-chome, Shinjuku – which is the Gay Nightclub District of Tokyo. Open Day also helps newcomers to get more information about the Lesbian and Bi-sexual community. You can also browse good range of books (incl. English books, novels) at our library (checking out is for supporting members only) or purchase items such as magazines, books, T-shirts, accessories etc. Everyone is Welcome to attend Open Day. Prior reservation is not necessary.


LOUD is located in Nakano, Tokyo, and is 3 mins on foot from JR Nakano Station on the Chuo Line.

Room#103 “Mikami-heights”, 3-45-15 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo

東京都 中野区 中野 3−45−15 ミカミハイツ103
TEL: 03-5385-1230
EMAIL:loud@space-loud.org (English OK)

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